Does TalkRating harvest user data?

Unlike the majority of social platforms, TalkRating does not associate any votes, poll answers or advertising selections with your account. If you give a thumbs up for a controversial political issue or select an unpopular poll answer, you’re the only one who knows. Any ads that may appear are not influenced by any other ads you might have selected or opinions you’ve given. When you use TalkRating, you are using it anonymously.

Why do I need to register?

TalkRating saves the points you earn by using the app on our server, and we use the email address you used to register to send you information you have requested. We do NOT share your email address with anyone, including radio stations, advertisers or third parties.

Why does the app need GPS access?

In order to find the radio station closest to you when selecting a syndicated show, we must know your location.

Why am I seeing ads on the bottom?

Somebody must pay our bills, either we charge you for the app or we allow advertisers to pay. Plus, you might be interested in the products listed.

When I give a vote on a show or poll, is my email or name associated with it?

No, your account and email are not associated with voting or polls, it’s only used in order to allow you one vote per poll. Furthermore, advertisers NEVER have access to your name or email address, and show hosts will only see your email address or name if you email them via the app.

What are points used for?

Points allow you to see how active you are as compared to other TalkRating users. Additionally, we occasionally reward users with gifts.

Why is your show schedule wrong?

We must keep up with the schedule of thousands of radio stations across the US. Unfortunately, the primary source are schedules on the station websites, which are not up to date or non-existent in many cases. If you find an error with our stations or shows, please use ‘Report an Issue’ in the TalkRating app, and we will do our best to contact the station directly and update our database.

How do I report a problem with the TalkRating app?

We have a ‘Report an Issue’ option within the app. We try our best to remedy any issue ASAP, and it helps when users let us know there is a problem.

What exactly am I voting on?

The voting isn’t for the show itself, but rather on what the host or guest/caller is saying at any given moment. You might like the show, but at any moment, you might not agree with what is being said. For example, your favorite sports radio host might be discussing draft choices. He may say your team should make a pick which you believe is a good idea; therefore, you give him a thumbs up, but ten seconds later he says your team should take a pick which you believe is a horrible decision; prompting you to give him a thumbs down.

Why do I have to wait between the same type of votes?

This is to prevent any gaming of the voting. We don’t want a “superfan” to vote thumbs up non-stop and skew the opinion results, nor should a person who hates the show, regardless of what is being discussed, thumbs down non-stop. By limiting the amount of times a person can vote the same way, it allows us to provide a true view as to what the audience, including you, thinks.

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