Radio digital revenue increases as ota revenue decreases

If BIA’s latest projections for 2019 come true, radio’s overall revenue will increase by $300,000. 

The slight increase for radio is coming from additional digital revenue, while over-the-air revenue continues to slip.


Radio Will Get $400 Million in Political This Year

The 2019-2020 federal election cycle is expected to generate $6 billion in political advertising, according to a new study by Kantar. Radio is expected to get $400 million of that.


Radio reaches 93% of US market

  • Radio is the leading reach platform: 93% of us listen to AM/FM radio over the airwaves, which is higher than TV viewership (88%), PC use (50%), smartphone use (83%), and tablet use (37%)
  • More than 243 million American adults listen to the radio each month
  • Audiences are becoming more diverse with more than 44 million Hispanic listeners and more than 34 million Black listeners a month

Top Formats:

  • Country
  • News/Talk Commercial and Non-commercial Combined
  • News/Talk Commercial

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